Monday, September 29, 2008

Twin Folk Art Mermaid Painting by Dee Sprague

I was just remembering how much fun it was to paint BIG!!!! This painting is double mermaid I did a few years ago on a old wooden pool table. The painting went to a Vermont family. I wonder if they ever managed to hang it on the wall??? It was kind of heavy. I am getting ready for the Ithaca farmers market this weekend and pondering the idea of painting or having a print made to fit the six foot old barn door I found this week. it will look great- but will it fir in the car????


Anonymous said...

beautiful. It speaks to the 'pisces' sign, (which I am) with the double water creatures. If you paint the door I hope we get to see a picture on your blog! said...

Hey Amy, I would be a pisces too. And yes I will be showing the barn door soon. Thanks for checking my blog- the whole blogging thing is a bit new to me. I really need to get in the habit of writing every day rather than one in a blue moon. If you like mermaids check out my portfolio at
Cheers Dee