Friday, June 20, 2008

Gary Rith Whimsical Rabbit Pottery

How lucky am I- Famous whimsical potter Gary Rith traded with me. I got this charming rabbit tea set and he got one of my canvas prints- "Rabbit Running West". This tea set makes for enchanting afternoon tea. I have all sorts of fun tea ideas. My real rabbits- of which I have about 30 -enjoyed a bunny pellet tea lunch. So the tea set is now kid proof and rabbit tested- Thanks Gary Rith- were having way too much fun with your pottery. You can find Garys pottery here

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Original Mermaid oil painting up for auction on Ebay

My "Mermaid Hugs" original oil painting is on Ebay this week. The auction ends Wednesday, June 18th. I almost never sell my original oil paints on Ebay- so this is a rare occasion to by one of my originals at a great sale price. Good Luck.