Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The art of Dee NOW on eBay

I will be offering my artwork on eBay for the holiday season. I have been working on making the look and feel of my auction pages just right. The whole things seems to take me endless hours- but after the first round it should be much quicker. If you are on eBay my user name is ArtofDee.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Revised Sweet Clover Painting by Dee Sprague

I created this painting last year for an abstract gallery called GROVE in Aurora NY. When I captured this painting in order to reproduce it for greeting cards I digitally enhanced the colors. The image is very vibrant and the clover revised has become one of my best selling cards at the Ithaca Farmers market. And I am now ready to go back the canvas and repaint this clover. I will be making several large custom clover oil paintings in the 24 by 30 inch size with this the revised colors to match this image. I will be taking custom orders and selling these paintings for $375. If you would like a custom original oil painting of my sweet clover image you can purchase one online on my Etsy site. www.mermaidmessenger.Etsy.com or email me at artofDee@gmail.com. Cheers Dee