Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Angel of Gratitude by Dee Sprague

I love making paintings like this one. The Angel of gratitude is a large folk art painting on an old wood door. I made one piece last year for a show- and I ended up making about six more because so many customers wanted one. Now I have neighbors giving me their old doors and planks of old wood. Painting on old wood adds such a rich vibrant color and texture to the piece. For awhile I thought I would never paint on canvas again. There is so much old wood, old dressers, old tables and doors- all needing to be saved from the dumpster or burn pile. So in a way my folk art paintings on old stuff is like recycling. I will be adding a few other folk art paintings I have made this week on my blog. You can always check out my shop www.mermaidmessenger.etsy.com to see more, Cheers

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