Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kids Art Camp in Aurora

No blog time for me this week. I was busy teaching about 10 little artists at my first summer week long art camp. It was a lot of fun- but very BUSY. The kids named the camp "Camp creative". we spend a lot of time working on one painting featuring one of the historical buildings in Aurora. We learned a bit about why the Town of Aurora was named and the significance of Peach trees in this area. In the afternoons we listened to records and created all sorts of art with different mediums. Great kids, Great art and Great fun.


gary rith said...

Lucky kids, having so much fun!

Dinosaur Dry Goods said...

Hey- that's my boy! They did have a great time and we recently went through the pile of creations from the class again and reminisced about what a good time it was.